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Big Boy Mega Disposable & Big Boy Mega Rechargeable: Types of Flavor

 Are you looking for the highest puff count? If yes, then Big Boy Mega Disposable & Big Boy Mega Rechargeable is all you need. It is categorized as the exclusive disposable vaping device which is available in different capacities and rejuvenating flavors. 

The striking features of the Big Boy Mega Disposable & Big Boy Mega Rechargeable are that they are easy to use and come with various features. The big boy mega has a durable construction and has a 500mAh rechargeable battery. What is better than it? Apart from here comes the list of features of the Big boy mega disposable.

  • Reasonable battery size
  • Impressive vape juice capacity 
  • Huge range of flavors to consider, and many more.

Types of Flavors:

You will get immense options in the flavors of Big boy mega vape, which are in the following ways:

  • Aloe Grape : If you want to experience the unique taste of aloe with the delightful taste of grapes, you can consider this flavor. 
  • Apple Ice : Do you want to taste a whole new level vape? If yes, then nothing is better than the Apple Ice. The classic apple juice flavor is so delicious that you become addicted to it. This taste is a great mixture of menthol and fridge apple juice flavor.  
  • Aloe Strawberry : Take your thinking one step ahead from the normal flavors to a delicious vape that blends Aloe and Strawberry. The aloe is mixed with the juicy strawberry, which will surely please your taste.
  • Berry Blast : This amazing vape juice will fulfill all of your Big Boy Mega Disposable & Big Boy Mega Rechargeable requirements. The combination of sweet berries leads to a mouth-watering flavor which makes you a fan of the berry blast. 
  • Blue Razz Ice : Are you seeking the pleasing taste? Then nothing is better than the blue Razz Ice. It is a blend of blue raspberries and menthol, which rejuvenates you and your taste. 
  • Blue energy : The flavor of blue energy is known for its remarkable taste creations. It is a combination of great and different kinds of flavors. Once you taste this flavor, it will surely become your favorite one among all the options. 
  • Cola Ice : The flavor of Cola ice is the recreation of classic taste, which evergreen favorite. There is no flavor of big boy mega which can compete with this flavor. It does not only have the taste of classic cola but of menthol too. 
  • Coco Loco : If you are seeking to add a new dessert flavor to your collection, you must consider this. It is an accurate flavor for the chocolate lover. The blend of chocolate and creams make it unique from others.
  • Just candy : This taste of vape is beyond your thinking level. The just candy flavor is delightful and gives you a long-lasting experience. It includes the chewy candy flavor that you do not taste earlier.
  • Mega Mint : No doubt, you have tasted the classic taste of the mint numerous times. However, when you try big boy mega mint, you will come to taste a new form of mint. Along with that, it is the sweet and minty flavor that lasts long. 
  • Peach Lemon Ice : The balanced mixture of peach, lemons, and bone-chilling menthol makes its delightful flavor. If you want to taste the perfect vape, you should consider this. So, order this flavor as soon as possible you. 
  • Strawberry Apple Watermelon : If you are looking for something different and unique juice flavor, you must look for this. This awesome infusion leaves a pleasing taste that gets better and tasty. It is an infusion of three flavors that are strawberry, watermelon, and vapor.

To Conclude 

So, add all these flavors to your wish list and get the unique taste that becomes best and best after vaping. You can order all these flavors online too. Buy Now


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